Good, Bad, Who Knows

by Martin Cooper on October 20, 2017

But at least as of today the NZ electorate knows who our leaders will be. 

Something I have observed about human behaviour after 33 years in real estate, is that when people are making major buying or selling decisions they do not like uncertainty. In uncertain times, people tend to hold off until they know what is happening. The usual phrase I hear, and you may of heard it before to is, “we’ll just wait and see”. 

Please see the graph below. The red line tracks the number of residential sales in the 2014 election year, where we can see a dramatic increase in the numbers post election, and the white line tracks 2017 and the number of residential sales to date. 

Now we have certainty, I’m certain we are going to see a big uplift in the number of sales as we progress through to Christmas and the New year.



Martin CooperGood, Bad, Who Knows

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