Martin Cooper has been called charismatic, charming and a genuinely nice guy.  He is known for telling it  like it is, being adaptable, being able to think on his feet and a man who does what he says when he says he will.


Martin is a master of recruitment and mentoring.  He has some of the industry’s top agents working for him and that has not happened by luck.  Martin knows that the best people want to work with the best brand and he ensures that he, and his management team, are there to support the sales staff across the board.

Martin will personally meet with all potential staff, discuss how he and the team can help on an on-going basis and make sure that the Operations, Marketing, HR and Sponsorship divisions are geared up to help.

When you work for Martin Cooper you do not work alone – he works with you to ensure that you are as successful as you can be.

Martin CooperRecruitment and Mentoring