Martin has a way with words and a way with captivating an audience.  When it comes to public speaking natural charisma is one thing but the ability to engage with an audience, have them hanging on each word and have them furiously taking notes is paramount.


Martin speaks from the heart about goals, determination, perseverance, commitment and many other things that all successful people, or those who want to be, need to know. His interactive approach to dealing with attendees, his belief that they can be who they want to be if they put their mind to it and his humour are just a few of the things that conference goers have appreciated to date.  Martin will tailor his speech to the needs and wants of the organisers.  Having presented to small groups such as Rotary Youth Leaders up to 4,000 people at AREC 2015  you can be assured that Martin can provide your people with the passion and enthusiasm that will allow them to open their minds to the future.
Martin is recognised as an engaging and charismatic successful businessman who knows how to share his thoughts over a multitude of topics with humour, positivity and optimism.  If you are looking for someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk and can, hand on heart, tell it how it is then Martin Cooper should be your presenter of choice.
Martin CooperPublic Speaking