The Harcourts Hall of Fame is about preserving real estate’s rich heritage, honouring excellence and chronicling the achievements of those who have excelled.  The people recognised in the Harcourts Hall of Fame have made extraordinary contributions to the successes, growth and stability of the Harcourts brand and have served with integrity, vision, determination and fortitude.

Martin was very proud to have been inducted into the Harcourts Hall of Fame in May 2014.  The speech recognising him started with “Every year we celebrate a very special member of the Harcourts family by inviting them to become a member of our Hall of Fame. This person is always someone who has contributed significantly to the growth and success of our brand. Someone with passion and determination. Someone who stands out as a leader and a visionary. There are many people in the Harcourts Group who meet these qualities, but tonight we will choose only one.  Our Hall of Fame inductee is a man known to you all as someone of extraordinary drive and talent. He is well known for his ability to light up any room he walks into and, I think you will all agree with me, he is a man impossible not to like. Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I have the great pleasure of announcing our newest member of the Harcourts Hall of Fame. Please come to the stage – Martin Cooper.”

The speech went on to talk about his experience, both personally and in business and finished with “Martin, Harcourts is proud to call you one of our own. It’s not an exaggeration to say that anyone who comes into contact with you, leaves the richer for it. Your enthusiasm and optimism is infectious. In this room tonight are over 1000 people who are privileged to have been part of your business and life. We are privileged to call you friend, and most importantly, family. Thank you for your charm, wit, talent, loyalty and the tenacity which has meant so much to the success and growth of Harcourts. Without your entrepreneurial drive and vision, Harcourts wouldn’t be where we are today. Congratulations on being inducted into the Harcourts Hall of Fame.”

Martin CooperHall of Fame