Recent Awards

Top Franchise for Revenue – International
Albany Top 3 office – International
Milford Top 4 office – International
Top Referring Franchise to Mortgage Express 2014-2015
Top National Office – Property Management – Revenue 2014-2015
Top NAI Harcourts Office – Auction/Tender Listings 2014-2015
Top NAI Harcouts Office – Gross Revenue 2014-2015
Top National Office for Auctions/Tenders – Milford 2014-2015
Top National Office for Revenue – Group 4 – Albany 2014-2015
Top National Franchise for Revenue – Group 5 – Cooper & Co 2014-2015
Top National Office for Revenue Per Sales Consultant – Group 4 – Milford – 3rd Place – 2014-2015
Top National Office for Revenue Per Sales Consultant – Group 4 – Albany – 3rd Place – 2014-2015

“Yay Martin Cooper, you deserve it. You’re an inspirational leader allowing us all to thrive within the company you have evolved. So many heartfelt congratulations to you.”

Deborah Wallace

“Martin is incredibly personable and so in touch with the people who work for him.  He makes them feel that they truly work with him which is an amazing quality to have.”  

Jo Clifford, Chief Operations Officer, Harcourts International

“Thanks Martin for creating such a great environment for productivity on so many levels.”
Michele Baker
“Well done Martin. Your ability to succeed in what you chose to do was never in doubt.”
Graham McKay
“Every now and again you meet someone, who when they walk into the room, the room comes alive. Martin is one of those people.”
Andrew North
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